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The Shin Splint Solution Is A Step By Step Educational Course That Will Teach You How To Rid Yourself of Shin Splints In The Comfort OF Your Own Home... Forever!
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Here's how it works...
The Shin Splint Solution is a custom 10-day course that will teach you proper stretching techniques, strengthening exercises, and therapeutic protocols so that you can fix your shins at home without unnecessary, expensive tools and gimmicks.  
“I was a long jumper, and I had been struggling with shin pain for a couple of weeks. The day of our district track meet, I woke up with a ton of pain radiating through my legs. I talked with my coach, and we decided that I wouldn’t be able to compete, thus ending my high school track career. The pain was that bad! As a last-ditch effort, my mom called Josh, and he was able to see me in his clinic. 5 hours before I would need to jump, Josh stripped through my leg muscles, put me through all kinds of stretches, and had me push and pull against his resistance. In 30 minutes, I didn’t have anymore shin pain. I went to the meet that afternoon, and not only was I able to jump, I also set a personal record and qualified for the state meet”! -- 
Matt B - Loveland, CO
“Josh and his techniques keep me running. I have what I call a “bionic” leg. I’ve had ankle and foot surgery on that side. The scar tissue causes some pain, but Josh’s techniques always improve how it feels and the range of motion that I have. He has seen me through multiple competitive runs and is now treating me through my training to qualify for the Boston Marathon”. 
Brandi B - Fort Collins, CO
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're really getting...
  •  Expert instruction on proven therapeutic techniques. 
  •  5 Therapeutic Flows to rehabilitate painful, injured tissue
  •  5 strengthening workouts to reorganize the communication between your brain and legs
  • Step by step protocols that give guaranteed results
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